It was one of those summer Days in Tel  Aviv.
The sun was bathing the boulevard and the heat raised up from the sidewalks.
Paulina sat on a wooden bench to catch her breath.
In a matter of seconds she found herself drowning in nostalgic memories, connecting the dots that created a path - the path that arched across the globe.
A life story that began in St. Petersburg and lead to Tel-Aviv.
Paulina loved both cities deeply.
She drew inspiration from the architecture and art of St.Petersburg but she also felt mused by the bohemian scent of Tel aviv.
She was longing for the Romantic wind that blew over the Saint Petersburg river in winter, and at the same time she was excited from Tel Aviv’s exotic beach line in the summer.

It was at that moment when Paulina knew she had to express and share her muse and inspiration with the rest of the world.

This is how The Lublu-bijou brand was born.
A combination of  aesthetics and bohemian,
combined passion for the two most beautiful cities in the world- Saint Petersburg and Tel-Aviv.

Luxurious yet Affordable fine jewelry that represents the strongest roots of Paulina Albershtein and her Hedonism way of life .
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