Over two decades have passed since Paulina and Faina met each other again in a different country that became their home away from home. The sun was bathing the Tel-Avivian boulevard when the two noticed each other unexpectedly. In a matter of minutes, they began drowning in nostalgic memories, describing their life parts, and connecting the dots that lead all the way back to their childhood city St.-Petersburg.

It was inevitable to notice that even though so many years have passed, the similarities between the two were there. They shared the same taste in architecture and art, the longing for the romantic wind that blew over the Saint Petersburg river in winter, and the excitement from Tel-Aviv’s exotic beach in summer. They felt inspired, and wanted to share their muse and inspiration with the rest of the world.

This is how The Lublu brand was born.

A combination of aesthetic and bohemian, a shared passion for the two most beautiful cities in the world — St.-Petersburg and Tel-Aviv. Luxurious yet affordable fine jewelry that represents the strongest roots they both share.